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DNN & 2SXC magazine templates

We created a DNN theme for story telling purposes. The goal is to offer a flexible setup for editors with multiple layouts and features. Editors can use the 2SXC apps in combination with a basic skin to create more compelling stories without worrying about markup too much.

We have tested the skin & apps in:

  • DNN 7.3.4 & 2SXC 7.2.3 (importing the app yells 'Attribute not found for Value' but it works anyway)
  • DNN 8.0.3 & 2SXC 8.5 (works fine)

Masthead app

A full screen hero unit to start of your articles. Also supports video backgrounds. If you upload several formats (mp4, ogg) you need to name them the same to ensure that the app picks up the right one.

If there is no video support it will fall back to the image when it is:

  • named the same as the video
  • extension is jpg
  • in the same folder as the video

Masthead demo

Article app

An editor to create your articles. The position of the image is controlled by the CSS dropdown in the editor.

Article demo

Image alignment options demo

Portrait app

A grid of images with a small amount of text and a button. A perfect call to action for your articles.

See the bottom of the article demo for an example of this app

Split screen app

Splits the screen horizontally in two sections: an image and some text and a button to accompany the image.

Split screen demo

Download skin + apps